Lyric Memories Of Rose When I Install Linux Operating System

Memories Of Rose

I think about the end of the world
I`m thinking about you
All the struggle we had and the past
Blood and tears my love how could I forget?

In sorrow now since we fell a part
A million miles away
Still I put my faith on high sky
Everlasting pain! How can I escape?

I think about the evil ways i`ve been
The self destruction years
I disrespect my self and the world
Chase by ghost of lust kill the love ones down

Don’t go, don’t go away
Stay with me here in this lullabies
Darling it wont be long till we find
Our away back home again

I gave up all the poison  for you
Gave up the wildest dream
And in the end i`ll grow old with you
Only you my love Burn the fire burns

At night when the shadows falls
Wish i`m here just right there
Close by your side
this lone some dreams
i`m haunted by the memories of rose


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