Wong Gaul dengerin lagu iiniiii

Hisham Abbas – Deserting Me


Deserting me and forgetting me

Cauterizing me, filling me and with the bitterness of my love

He called me with a word and deserted me and in his passion

And doesn’t come to me or respond to my call


What will my heart say to him?

Because of what has happened to me in his absence

And that which my heart feels for him

If one day your love came to my mind what would my heart say?


Oh my torment

Oh you who is selling me out and abandoning my heart

I am melting

Oh you who left me

Look how many years you’ve been gone


If one day my darling says to me, yes

If he feels for me why is he hiding his passion

What is my crime

Why is the one who I put my life in forgetting me


He who took my heart and took with him the love of my eyes that from the day he left me

I forget, yes, the nights

No matter how long he’s gone my heart is melted


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